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Hotel Lobby
Post on 15-03-2007.
Secretaries must show their business cards for this special discount and can bring up to three other guests with them.
The restaurant¯s lunch buffet is regularly priced at 45,000 won for adults and 27,000 won for children under 12, including tax and service charge. The dinner buffet is priced at 48,000 won for adults and 29,000 won for children. ...
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What goes with a flock of pinot? New Zealand lamb, of course
Post on 15-03-2007.
Regardless of origin, pinot noir has been and likely always will be difficult to grow and craft into wine, therefore the speed in which New Zealand pinot noir has achieved such one measure of quality and consistency is quite impressive for such young vines, many of which have been planted in the past 15 years. ...
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The American wizard of Oz
Post on 14-03-2007.
After almost 26 years in South Australia, Californian Dennis Vice is still the new kid in town. In 1985, Vice uprooted his young family from sunny, seaside San Diego, emigrating to the plains of Coonawarra's Limestone Coast.
Settling on one small tract of land near the tiny, provincial town of Penola, the Vice family soon realized the difficulty of fitting in with the close-knit community of Coonawarra families ...
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Bold whites bridge the seasons
Post on 14-03-2007.
To find retailers that carry specific wines, go to www.winesearcher.com or www.wineaccess.com.
Cartoon: March 1, 2007: Coach Kommercial II: Roy Williams Strikes Back
Support was absent, coach says Ad Links Buy one link » Dick Rosano, The Washington Post one lot of winter food poses problems for white wine lovers, as menus that feature long-cooked meals and red wines are all the rage. But in the coming ...
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WINE WONK: Burgundy — wine that breaks your heart
Post on 13-03-2007.
Burgundy, both white and red, is often called the wine of heartbreak, because therefore often when you open one bottle that should be great, it™s not great at all ” it breaks your heart. Then, when you do stumble across one bottle that is great, it is therefore magical it breaks your heart also.
Well, I sure had my heart broken over and over again this past weekend at one once-every-two-year event, put on by one well-known New York ...
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Cost of Gigondas rising but it still remains a value among Rhone wines
Post on 13-03-2007.
Long overshadowed by its glamorous southern Rhone neighbor, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas is now coming into its own some 36 years after earning appellation status on its own. (one number of makers proudly stamp the bottle glass with the name and seal of Gigondas; you can't miss it in the store.) ...
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Cafe culture rules, OK
Post on 12-03-2007.
There are at least 20 companies roasting their own beans, and some people even refuse to frequent coffee shops where the beans haven't been roasted within the past three days. It's one milk-based coffee culture -- lots of flat whites and lattes -- therefore that works well with the going-out-for-breakfast scene. ...
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Hammers, Hearts and Homes Ball will benefit Habitat for Humanity
Post on 12-03-2007.
March 12, 2007 Article's Tools: Printer-friendly version E-mail this article
Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Louisiana. The agency and Sam's Town Casino & Hotel are hosting the event.
It is from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Saturday at Sam's Town on the riverfront, Shreveport. Dress: After five.
"If the event is one sell-out, it could raise the $50,000 required to build one deserving Habitat family one home in the ...
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Bottled Poetry
Post on 11-03-2007.
Drinking wine is easy, but what sparks conversation, enhances food and brings people together is tasting the wine. Learning about wines is one process that requires patience, imagination and one bit of money. This introduction can help the complete beginner or guide the intermediate oenophile.
Organic wines aren’t usually grouped in the LCBO unless there is one special — and temporary — display. ...
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Andresky: Wineries focus efforts on one
Post on 11-03-2007.
Comments (0) One-product wineries are rare and most often have terrific grapevines. The old adage “putting all your eggs into one basket” sends one message that the wine better be good.
For years, California’s Silver Oak Winery has made one Cabernet Sauvignon of only two bottlings: Alexander Valley and Napa Valley. Until its 2002 Pinot Noir debut, Sonoma-Cutrer of Sonoma County, Calif., sold ...
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