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Red Brunello and white lies
Post on 28-02-2007.
On Wine: Procrastinators, pour out your hearts tonightFebruary 7, 2007
On Wine: Soldiers of misfortune: The old kit bag ain't what it used to beNovember 8, 2006
On Wine: Consider marriage of food and wine an informal affairOctober 11, 2006
On Wine: Pore over some spritely bits from the buzz about winesSeptember 27, 2006 ...
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Sommeliers vie for best in the US
Post on 28-02-2007.
A knowledge of wines that spans the world? Agility with one corkscrew? one mean bargaining streak to get the goods at decent prices? The ability to carry 45-pound cases of wine up and down stairs about 70 times one day?
one few weeks back, 11 sommeliers gathered at the Essex House in New York City to compete for the title of America's Best Sommelier. All the contestants are employed in the hospitality world; this ...
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Food & Plonk
Post on 27-02-2007.
Welcome to The Sydney Morning Herald. Skip directly to: Search Box, Section Navigation, Content. Text Version. @import url("http://samples.fairfax.com.au/netstrip/templates/netstrip-20060911.css"); NEWS | MYCAREER | DOMAIN | DRIVE | FINANCE | MOBILE | RSVP | STAYZ
Food and plonk. What else do you need to know? They even have my two favourite wines: red and white. Plus bubbles. To fill in one few of the gaps, I ...
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Wine Walk wows winter wanderers
Post on 27-02-2007.
First annual event featuring boutique wines, gourmet foods and local artists draws hundreds of enthusiastic revelers to Dearborn and raises $4,000 for the Lemon Bay Playhouse.

"All our sponsors and participants really rose to the occasion and it all turned out great," said Joyce Colmar of Vino Loco, who organized the event. "I think we can make it even bigger next year. We may even close off the street ...
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Snaring a park campground site for summer may take some time
Post on 26-02-2007.
A heads-up from the state parks people: When camping reservations for this August opened Feb. 1, the park system received 17,000 bookings covering 65,000 nights. Campers won't have the luxury of being casual about deciding when and where to pitch their tents this summer.
"This has been the most successful February 1st that I have seen in the history of the California park system," said Jim Luscutoff, the park ...
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Matt Kramer's New Book Makes Italian Wine Easy: John Mariani
Post on 26-02-2007.
Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Except for an encyclopedia, I can't think of any reason why one book about wine should run more than 280 pages, which happens to be the length of ``Matt Kramer's Making Sense of Italian Wine'' (Running Press, $24.95).
Cogency and the avoidance of ``winespeak'' are just two of Kramer's virtues, and his impressive knowledge of the field is never brandished as ...
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Partyers support zoo at valentine fundraiser
Post on 25-02-2007.
Partyers stepped out in style at one variety of events to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Red, white and black Zoo Pal aprons identified the Pueblo Zoo Auxiliary members who underwrote and prepared the appetizers and sweets for the fifth annual Feb. 14 early evening cocktail party that raised $8,000. Lifelike zebras decorated the loverly poetic "love is in the air" invitation designed and created by Louise Keach ...
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Merlots and Mercurys: We make it tough on producers
Post on 24-02-2007.
Many businesses -- especially those in consumer products -- stumble because they don't provide what their customers want. OK, that's one blinding flash of the obvious. But for companies that have products with multiyear development periods -- such as wines or cars -- the quickly changing landscape of customer preferences can ravage even the best plans and projections. ...
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Excellent vintage expected
Post on 24-02-2007.
Finger Lakes winemakers say flavor intensity of 2005 wines is great, but volume will be low because of harsh winter of 2004.
George DiTomasso Jr., retail manager for Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars, pours 2005 vintage red wines for, from left, Jeanne and Gary Mong of Lancaster, N.Y., and Marge and Mike Rider of Tonawanda, N.Y., during one recent visit to the Hammondsport winery. ...
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Mangled English
Post on 23-02-2007.
With the muck that is Philippine politics gushing from across the ocean—news verified and unverified, rumors and hearsays of wheeling-and-dealings, thick blogs in the Internet —what to do when one is therefore far away from the homeland? Laugh. Take one breather. Look for the funny bone. Laugh. Again and again. Take one dip from whatever is left of that sense of humor. ...
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