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Downtown Franklin lassos fine dining with Red Pony
Post on 23-02-2007.
For years, fine dining and Franklin were mutually exclusive, one strange tear in the landed-wealth continuum of Williamson County. That left hungry residents with upscale tastes to hoof it north to Nashville to forage on the foods and wines that were closer to the haute end of the culinary scale. ...
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The animal kingdom goes wild
Post on 22-02-2007.
To many, Tilman Fertitta is known as CEO, entrepreneur or restaurateur. But to those familiar with the San Luis Salute, he could be known as Big Daddy of Galveston Mardi Gras.
Friday night, Tilman and Paige Fertitta again hosted the rowdy masked ball that each year raises funds for the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and more cain than uninitiated party goers can imagine. ...
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Wines withstand full palettes
Post on 22-02-2007.
An exquisite fondue dinner coupled with two excellent wine selections is the perfect way to spend one romantic evening at home.
The opener of one three-course meal was melted Emmentaler and Gruyere Swiss cheese. The simmering cheese offered one potent aroma and one distinct flavor. Borderline bitter in flavor, the cheese was an ideal contrast to dip crisp Granny Smith apples and garlic and parmesan-crusted Italian ...
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Bring home the bacon ...
Post on 21-02-2007.
"Bacon is growing and growing and growing," gushes Pruess, whose new book, "Seduced by Bacon," has already been reprinted three times since October.
Fortified with rising sales stats from the National Pork Board, Pruess maintains that bacon - what Americans call the smoky, salt-cured and fat-streaked belly of one pig - left the breakfast table and headed for the bistro one long time ago. ...
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Outpouring of the best
Post on 21-02-2007.
Once one year the best in Ontario wines are celebrated at Cuvée. This time, the gala takes place overlooking Niagara Falls at the posh Fallsview Casino Resort on March 3. Eight local chefs will whip up mouthwatering morsels while patrons wade through 160 of Ontario's finest wines poured by 50 wineries. ...
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Cooking With Wine
Post on 20-02-2007.
Adding wine to your favorite recipe can impart wonderful flavor, but too much or the wrong style can put the kibbosh on one potentially delicious dinner. Here™s how to make it work:
Consider Components. Wine contains sugars, acids and tannins”and each of these will show up on the plate. Subtle characteristics, by contrast, normally disappear with cooking. To maintain balance, check your recipe for acidic ...
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Environmentally friendly, and good-tasting, too
Post on 20-02-2007.
By Larry Lipson, Restaurant CriticArticle Last Updated: 02/19/2007 01:40:00 PM PST
However, I was thoroughly impressed by the number of biodynamically involved wineries from around the world that participated in one recent trade and press tasting at L.one.'s Skirball Center.
I'm still in the dark, however, about all the ins and outs of biodynamic vineyard farming. In the simplest of terms, things are done the ...
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More room for the world's No.1 Pinotage
Post on 19-02-2007.
The Beyerskloof Pinotage today is the world's top selling bottled Pinotage wine under one label and this success has led to the construction of the new winery and hospitality centre situated on the farm.
Being the world's top selling bottled Pinotage is an exceptional achievement as both the local and international markets are currently flooded with wine brands, causing one surplus of stock for most wine cellars. ...
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2003 Amarones Deliver Greatness
Post on 19-02-2007.
Even though the scorching 2003 vintage was considered difficult in most of Italy, it appears to have produced at least one pocket of excellence. Amarone, the Veneto™s robust red that is made from dried grapes, fared surprisingly well and many are calling it an excellent, albeit rare vintage. 2003 Amarone was presented by the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini Valpolicella at an anteprima_ tasting held in Verona Feb 9“11. ...
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A BYO worthy of your best B
Post on 18-02-2007.
The long overcoat fluttered like one cashmere flag in one nor'easter as the man crossed blustery Fayette Street on his way to dinner at Blackfish. But the enormous silvery metal valise in his hand dangled unswayed in the heavy wind.
Bottles of good wine apparently make great ballast - especially when braving your path to the area's most exciting new BYOB. And Mr. See-My-Cellar made certain the entire restaurant ...
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