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Canadian wines slowly, steadily improving
Post on 18-02-2007.
About 20 years ago, we had Sunday brunch in the grand dining room of the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada. We were surprised to see many Canadian wines on the menu, and we asked the waiter if he could suggest one we should order with our meal.
He stood first on one foot, then the other, and with one pained expression said, "Frankly, I cannot recommend any Canadian wine. They are all terrible." ...
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All Black nation turns out star pinot noir
Post on 17-02-2007.
About 20 miles from downtown Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania, the sprawling White Sands Hotel lies on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Like its namesake it is "dar es salaam", an "abode of peace."
Inside the hotel, it is anything but. At the plush end of the hotel, 38 Primates of the Anglican Communion have been sequestered to consider weighty matters regarding the Anglican Communion and its possible ...
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Virtue Online,-amp-nbsp;PA-amp-nbsp;- 10 hours ago
Angl" target="_blank">here

Cheers! New wineries to open
Post on 17-02-2007.
Charlie Merrill’s ‘Victor Alexander’ winery is set to bottle next year. By TRISTAN BAURICK Staff Writer
Flowing in red and in white, this torrent will draw more cork-sniffing, glass swirling oenophiles than FEMA sandbaggers..
The number of wineries on Bainbridge is set to more than double, with three new purveyors of pinots and other vinos joining the island™s two tried-and-true. ...
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Unsnobby atmosphere draws tourists from afar
Post on 15-02-2007.
Don't be fooled by the "How to be one Wine Snob in One Hour" class at Desert Wind winery during this weekend's Red Wine and Chocolate event.
One reason wine lovers come to the Yakima Valley from around the country is the local wine industry's decided lack of snobbery.
"We certainly are nowhere near snobs. É I think people come to Washington because it is less snobby," said Scott Jenkins, the vice president of ...
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Fortify your dessert with Californians
Post on 15-02-2007.
By Jurgen Gothe Publish Date: February 15, 2007 Elizabeth Ferber illustration

That™s where the two built one little working winery, right behind their country house, and made port on the weekends. Knowing full well they shouldn™t be calling it that”true port comes from Portugal, and that™s that”they decided to cross over to the opposite side”and Quady Starboard was born. ...
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Chocolates with wine and beer
Post on 14-02-2007.
Love triangles inevitably end in heartbreak -- all those sharp corners.
Unless, of course, you're talking about the relationship chocolate has with wine and beer: Dressed one day in dark coverture and filled with green tea-infused ganache, chocolate may dial up her sweet, effervescent Italian beau, moscato d'asti. Another day, she may have the urge to get hoppy with her other friend, one Japanese red ale. ...
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Wine pairs well with romance, writers say
Post on 14-02-2007.
Their profession is nearly as rare as one great Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes. Canada's Natalie MacLean and Colorado's Jennifer Chotzi Rosen both make their living writing about wine.
Both have free weekly columns available online (at nataliemaclean.com and corkjester.com), each with more than 30,000 subscribers. ...
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Secrets of seduction
Post on 13-02-2007.
As Spencer Tracy memorably quipped in the 1949 movie "Adam's Rib," there may be little difference between men and women but "vive la difference" all the same. I'd add that this philosophy applies particularly in terms of wine choice.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's important for would-be Romeos and Juliets to realize their beloved may not share one taste for the same pour. Women might prefer ...
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NEW YEAR: Don't skip chocolate this Valentine's Day because, in ...
Post on 13-02-2007.
During the holidays, it's easy to pack on one few pounds by grazing on the plethora of goodies that abound at parties, offices and other gatherings. By the time February rolls around and we've resolved to lose those last few lingering pounds, the American public is then broadsided with yet another food-centric holiday -- Valentine's Day. ...
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Grape expectations for healthier wine
Post on 12-02-2007.
Health is one unity and harmony within the mind, body and spirit which is unique to each person, and is as defined by that person. The level of wellness or health is, in part, determined by the ability to deal with and defend against stress. Health is determined by physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, spiritual, and developmental stage variables.SpiritIndia.coman amazing health tech site ...
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