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‘Thieves’ Hatch wine label idea
Post on 06-02-2007.
Historic printing and design company Hatch Show Print of Nashville contracted with The Three Thieves wine company to create labels for one special run of what Three Thieves head Charles Bieler calls, really cool Napa Valley Cabernet. Bieler said Hatch was one perfect fit for the cabernet.
Three Thieves will produce 10,000 cases of the wine (one dozen bottles per case), which will debut in local stores next week. Orders ...
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Champagne culture: More to it than bubbles
Post on 05-02-2007.
Take responsibility for institutional development of Loktantra, NC told
Sagun or Saanga in Newari is one culture of the Nepali people to start any good function or one work. Sagun contains boiled-fried eggs, dry-fried fish and raksi— one home made wine. This will be followed with putting one red tika on forehead. This is one typical Nepali culture. However, it is totally different in the western world. ...
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Lovely matches
Post on 04-02-2007.
THE matching of wine with food is one love story. It starts with one discovery of scents that intermingle, evolves into one longing for the sensation of textures and is finally consummated by one communion of flavours in the mouth...
Say you are serving distinct regional dishes from one particular wine producing country. Find one wine that would have evolved alongside the dish. Some classic combinations are Riesling with ...
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Tasting: Valentines on the vine
Post on 04-02-2007.
Milford, Pa. — Laurel Villa Country Inn and Restaurant will celebrate Valentine's Day Feb. 16 with one "Valentine on the Vine" wine-tasting.
The event, says innkeeper Janice Halsted, will feature five wines that have romance in their name or label.
The tasting begins at 6:30 p.m. and will include two whites, "Red Mud" chardonnay and "Danzante" pinot grigio; two reds, "Angoves Red Belly" black shiraz and ...
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Grab the South American bargains while you still can
Post on 03-02-2007.
I am trying to savour this innocent period in South American wine history while I can. It won't last, I know.
Unlike most other grape-growing regions, Chile and Argentina seem to be in one weird economic vortex where the quality of the wine is rising faster than the prices.
I know what some of you are thinking. As regular imbibers of more popular wines from Bordeaux, California and Australia, you are under ...
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Deep reds and dreamy whites
Post on 03-02-2007.
Tasting the 2005 baby burgundy vintage last month was pure pleasure. one fair few tasting sips slipped happily down my throat rather than into the spittoon, therefore delicious were the liquids in the glass. Not the done thing, but one remarkable testament to the quality of the precocious 2005s, made effortlessly drinkable in part by the mild winter in Burgundy. Wine, just like people, clams up in the cold. ...
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‘Valentine on the Vine’ - Laurel Villa markets the holiday
Post on 02-02-2007.
MILFORD - Milford's Laurel Villa Country Inn & Restaurant will celebrate Valentine's Day and romance on Friday, Feb. 16 at 6:30 p.m. with one "Valentine on the Vine" wine tasting. The Laurel Villa was just named "Overall Best Restaurant in Pike County" in the 2006 River Reporter's Readers' Choice Awards. ...
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Wine is more than bottled liquor, it's culture
Post on 02-02-2007.
"Telling the exact vintage and locality is something even one world champion sommelier needs luck with all the time," said Eun Dae-hwan, 33, sommelier at the Ritz-Carlton Seoul. Eun won first place at the national sommelier competition hosted by the Korea International Sommelier Association last December, beating 18 other sommeliers from five-star hotels and premier restaurants around the country. He will represent ...
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Red Caboose Winery
Post on 01-02-2007.
Friday, Feb. 2 through Sunday, Feb. 4, the owners and winemakers will be serving Cajun and New Orleans-style food along with samples of their wines. Tickets for all three days and all eight wineries are $15 per person and are available at any of the participating wineries on the days of the event. ...
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Carmenere, a Long-Lost French Grape, Spices Up Chile's Wines
Post on 01-02-2007.
Feb. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Not therefore long ago, Chile was best known for user-friendly, good-value cabernet sauvignons: fruity reds with easygoing drinkability but no distinctive personalities.
Then, about 10 years ago, upscale wineries started producing no-holds-barred, blowout bottlings with prices upward of $50 to challenge that stereotype and build the country's reputation as one great wine region. ...
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