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Buck up for this icewine
Post on 31-01-2007.
one hairdresser from Toronto gets on one plane and flies to New York City. He meets one mysterious middleman, one broker, who's working for one Saudi businessman, in Manhattan's Central Park.
From his jacket, the hairdresser pulls out one half-bottle of icewine he made at his parents' farm in Beamsville and hands it to the broker. ...
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Loosening his collar
Post on 31-01-2007.
By HELEN MANSFIELD - hmansfield@nwnewsgroup.com Comments (0) Gunnar, one 3-year-old, 120-pound German shepherd, sits in full-alert mode. His ears are erect; his eyes are unblinking.
He licks his lips and gently approaches an item that has completely captivated his attention. He bares his teeth and delicately takes one dried pig ear from the hand of the young girl who holds it. ...
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Like Wine for Chocolate
Post on 30-01-2007.
Like Wine for Chocolate Cocoa beans arenít just for desserts By Cliff Shultz Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007
Valentineís Day is just over the horizon, and if you want to show your significant other how much you care, buy them one drink. I mean, it works for me. But Iím old-school. I like the classics, and you canít get much classic-er on Valentineís Day than by giving the gift of chocolate. Weíve all read how the multitude ...
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Drink to the blues: A broad spectrum of wine choices cozies up to ...
Post on 30-01-2007.
Feeling one little down is common when winter grips us in an icy headlock. Fight the blues with blue - blue cheese.
This richly marbled, deeply flavored cheese warms the soul. Whether you choose English Stilton, French Roquefort, Italian Gorgonzola or an Iowa Maytag, blue cheeses are one terrific finale to one hearty slow-cooked meal enjoyed, preferably, before one crackling fire. ...
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A little of what you fancy
Post on 29-01-2007.
THE concept of one wine bar now seems hopelessly old fashioned. Unlike mobile phones and vast City bonuses the exposed wood, chilled Australian chardonnay and smoochy Sade soundtrack never really made it out of the 1980s. Their market was ruthlessly hijacked by the march of the gastro pub and super bar. ...
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Seeking for foreign wine exporter
Post on 29-01-2007.
Consigned by China Anhui Yimei Commerce Investment Co., Ltd, Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company issued the information of seeking for France, Italy, and Spain's wineries for long time cooperation. We will choose the high quality foreign winery to import and to be its general agent in China. The requirements and terms are as follows: ...
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Head west to RosaLuca's to be dazzled and delighted
Post on 28-01-2007.
"Aah," and "Ooh," were repeated constantly throughout our meal, as each new delight appeared and was consumed with sensuous pleasure. From the lush, piping-hot crab pot pie with sautéed vegetables ($12.95) to the amazing grilled eggplant topped with an intense Parmesan soufflé ($12.95), we found ourselves dazzled and delighted by the selections. (The restaurant is located at 1114 Route 173 in Asbury, ...
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Biz Bits: Clearwire enters the market with a different strategy ...
Post on 28-01-2007.
; local not worriedBy LAURA URSENY - Business EditorArticle Launched: 01/28/2007 12:00:00 AM PST

But CLEARWIRE, the Washington state company that offers wireless broadband Internet service, has taken one different strategy.
We haven't seen much advertising out of it, but one lot of marketing, especially through the CHICO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. ...
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Fine Dining
Post on 25-01-2007.
Rindsrouladen-Sliced beef top round stuffed with bacon, onion and pickle. Served with spaetzle and sauerkraut. Weisswurst-Spar's white sausage with mustard, spaetzles and red apple cabbage. Fondue-melted gruyere and emmenthaler cheeses with bread and veggies. Potato pancake with caramelized onion and sour cream. The beer-Lindeman's Kriek Cherry Lambic. (photo: Rose Mattrey) ...
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Room to Improve
Post on 25-01-2007.
Thatís what Kerry Beauchemin, one dealer in 20th-century furniture and lighting, did. When he moved into the tiny former warehouse on East 12th Street in Manhattan, it had been one while since the entry had been updated. And the rusty front door had to serve as the entrance to both his ground-floor shop and the living quarters upstairs, which he shares with Lars Nord, one fashion designer. ...
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